10. CBLE Psychotherapy


1. A 15 year old girl appeared in psychiatry OPD of the University Hospital with intense headache followed by repetitive fit 3 days back when she witnessed that her mother was slapped by father during raw.
a) Make a checklist of content of assessment of this case?  6
b) Outline the treatment plan. 4

2. A 26-year old woman has intrusive thought of contamination with menstrual blood and repetitive washing that becomes a never-ending task. Her daily life is very much disrupted and family members are critical and annoyed to her. She became severely distressful and attends psychiatry OPD for treatment. After getting fluvoxamine 200mg/day in divided dose, she improves a little but cleaning behaviour remains the same.
a) What psychotherapeutic measures you need to apply to this patient? 5
b) Prepare an action plan to implement the measures. 5

3. A 28-yaer old male who is getting clozapine finally to manage his refractory condition. However, he still he hears voices occasionally that is derogatory in nature. At this point, your consultant decides to apply psychotherapy and asked you to work out for it.
a) Outline your assessment plan for suitable psychotherapy. 5
b) Mention the steps and outcome of such psychotherapy.  5

4. A 36-year old female who diagnosed as OCD and receiving 250 mg Sertraline per day. She has extensive thought of dirt and contamination that results severe cleaning, washing that is poorly responsive to medication. Recently, she avoids bathing and performing prayer and appears to be marked distressful.
a) What are the areas you need to assess? 5
b) Make a psychotherapeutic intervention plan. 5

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