3. CBLE Community Psychaitry

Community Psychiatry

1. As a team leader to support a village people who are the victims of terrific cyclone, you need to train your volunteers and supporting professionals instantly.
a) Outline your educational contents of psychotrauma.   5
b) State the components of psychological first aid to them. 5

2. You are assigned to establish screening of depression during antenatal care and establish a referral system in a maternity centre.
a) Outline your plan to establish the service. 6
b) What could be your content of psychoeducation for the attendees of the centre? 4

3. A 22-year old female who is in safe house for her repeated suicidal act since 10 days. At mid night the warden of the house phones you for her severe agitated and suicidal behaviour that she find heard to control. As an on call psychiatrist.
a) What will be your immediate action over phone? 5
b) List the steps of your afterwards action for this woman.  5

4. A 20-year old female who is a victims of acid burn, currently stays in a community support centre for such victims after discharge from hospital. She has second-degree burn on face, trunk and hand. Presently, she develops persistent insomnia, food refusal, and marked lack of self-care for these, the centre seeks psychiatric evaluation.
a) Outline your assessment plan considering differential diagnoses. 6
b) What treatment you will offer for this woman? 4

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