3. CBLE Transcultural

 Transcultural Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

1. A 12-year old girl appeared in psychiatry OPD with intense headache followed by repetitive fit 3 days back. Nothing abnormality was found in neurological assessment and investigations.
a) What could be possible diagnosis? 4
b) Make a checklist of content of assessment of this case.  3
c) Outline the treatment plan. 3

2. An 11-year old girl appeared with hyperventilation and fit that occurred several times. She has been diagnosed as conversion disorder but no definite stressor has yet been identified. Six month back she has similar episode that lasted for two weeks.
a) Outline the steps of your management plan.  5
b) What information you need to gathered for preventive measures? 5

3. An 18-year old girl attended in University CAMH services with her family member who has marked restlessness, incoherence, emotional liability and repetitive fit attack for 11 days. She is dishevelled and has multiple visible bruises.
a) What is your diagnosis?  4
b) What is your treatment plan? 6

4. A 11-year old boy presented with episodic convulsion and fit that extends from few minutes to hours. History revealed that symptoms have started after slapping by his father in face of repetitive demand for a by cycle. An EEG was done by GP that showed suggestive of generalized seizures.
a) How will you interpret this EEG finding? 2
b) What will be your investigation plan? 2
c) What could be best possible diagnosis? 2
d) How will you manage this case?   4

5. A 12-year old girl presents with pain in legs, recurrent vomiting and headache in psychiatry OPD. All laboratory investigations found normal. The girl was admitted three times in different hospitals at district level. Recently, she becomes dyspnoeic and her puzzled parents bring her in Dhaka for better treatment.
a) What is the best possible diagnosis? 4
a) Write down the list of information you need for making treatment plan. 6

6. A 12-year old girl presents in Psychiatry OPD with repetitive convulsion, breathing difficulties and fit since last one month. No organic cause found on repeated investigations. Three months back she failed in midterm examination. She diagnosed as Conversion disorder and treated accordingly. Three weeks after the treatment, no notable improvement observed. Her parents are increasingly anxious for her daughter.
a) Outline the areas of assessment. 5
b) What will be your treatment plan?   5

7. A 14-year old girl brought to psychiatry OPD by her parents who suddenly develops screaming, self-talking as if talking with spirit behaviour, sleep disturbances, mood lability, and lack of self-care that is episodic in nature, happens many times in a day. Parents say she is possessed by jinns. The girl is overfamiliar, looks around, starts muttering and shouting when asked about her problems.
a) What is the best possible diagnosis considering differential diagnostic issues? 4
b) Outline your management plan. 6

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