4. CBLE Addiction Child

Addiction Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

1. A 14-year old boy comes with his parents on parental pressure. The parent says that since a-long, the boy is involved with bad group and recently they explored cannabis in his bag. On one to one interview, the boy acknowledges that he tests almost all available drugs of abuse and currently takes cannabis and amphetamine.
a) What re the areas you need to assess? 6
b) How will you manage this case? 4

2. A 14-year old girl presented in psychiatry OPD who is mute and nearly immobile since one day. Parents say that their daughter engages with mobile gaming since one year and reluctant in study. Very recently, she does not go school, stays in her room in dark, does religious activities, does not take food regularly, and does not sleep at all. When parents ask about, she replies that she gains knowledge from a game app (Tarot Reading) that helps her to think diverse topics in very novel ways. The girl did not respond to any questions during interview though she appears watchful.
a) Make an assessment plan keeping in mind deferential diagnoses. 6
b) What will be treatment plan for this case? 4

3. A 17-year old boy is brought to emergency by his father because of his son is found “abnormal and non communicative”. Father suspects the boy is addict. Preliminary examination shows the boy to be drowsy, with slurred speech, pupilary constriction, lethargy and generally positive effect.
a) Based on the initial presentation what could be possible diagnosis? 4
b) How will you proceed for diagnostic confirmation?  2
c) What is your immediate management plan for this boy?  4

4. A-12-year old boy is increasingly involved with mobile game and become violent when he prevents to do so. He sleeps at 5.am and wakes at 2 pm. He cannot concentrate in his work and fail to attend school. His parents tired with this boy and feels helpless.
a) How will you assess this case? 5
b) What will b your treatment option? 5

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