4. CBLE Rehabilitation Psychiatry

Rehabilitation Psychiatry

1. A 24-year old female has intellectual disability at moderate level has been brought by her parents to psychiatry OPD. The family are not in a position for special placement and seeks home based management plan.
a) Prepare a checklist of your assessment for home-based rehabilitation.  5
b) Outline the contents of such rehabilitation plan. 5

2. A 27-year old male lost his job due to her recurrent depression. Despite of all mode of drug and psychotherapy, his depression persists with a waxing and waning course and most of the time he spends idle.
a) How will you assess his disabilities? 5
b) What steps you will take to overcome his disabilities? 5

3. A 32-year old man with schizophrenia remitted significantly with risperidone is on maintenance therapy. He lives in costal are from where attends psychiatry OPD for follow up. His father says that he does not want do any work, confined at home, and shows no willingness to talk with others. Your consultant asked you to apply active daily living programme for him.
a) What information you need to gather for such programme? 5
b) How will you plan this programme at home?  5

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