6. CBLE Psychiatry of Lerning

Psychiatry of Learning Disability

1. A 36-year old man is brought by his father to psychiatry OPD who suddenly disappeared from home. He has no academic achievement due to mental incapability. After one year, he returned home with the help of local volunteers who found him wandering riverside. He is cachectic, not communicative, dishevelled and marked incongruous.
a) What will be your differential diagnoses?  5
b) Outline your assessment plan.     5

2. A 28-year old man attends in Psychiatry OPD with his father. Father says that the boy cannot perform well in his study due to his “mental disability” and seeks a certificate to get possible benefit from the educational authority.
a) How will you proceed before issuing such certificate? 10

3. A 32-year old male who works in a corporate office and blamed for poor mental capacity as he does silly mistake in clerical work. He has average academic carrier. He is extremely worried for losing his job attends psychiatry OPD.
a) Outline the areas of your assessment plan keeping in mind the best possible diagnosis.  5
b) What treatment and support you should offer this patient.           5

4. A 9-year old boy wets at night most of the days in a week and who never gains continence.
a) Make a checklist of information to assess this case. 5
b) Outline the management plan. 5

5. A 24-year old female who has intellectual disability at moderate level has been brought by her parents. The family are not in a position for special placement and seeks home based management plan.
a) Make a checklist of your assessment for home-based rehabilitation.  5
b) Outline the contents of such rehabilitation plan. 5

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