7. CBLE Rehabilitation Child

Rehabilitation Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

1. A 19-year old boy of ASD and comorbid ADHD and IDD. He also has severe behavioural problem that poorly responds with treatment. His parents are totally sick and tired with their son. Your consultant plans for adopting rehabilitation programme for this boy assigned you for the task.
a) Outline rehabilitation assessment for this boy.  5
b) Prepare the contents of this rehabilitation programme. 5

2. A 16-year old boy diagnosed as conduct disorder under psychiatric consultation. He is recently expelled from the school due repeated bullying and stealing. He is increasingly impulsive, aggressive and destructive. They boy has gang involved and got trouble with police due to charge of snatching. Parents are very hopeless and extremely worry for the child future.
a) Outline your assessment of disability of this boy. 5
b) Prepare a feasible rehabilitation programme for him. 5

3. A 14-year old girl has intellectual disability at moderate level who was placed in a special school for learning and rehabilitation. Due to family relocation in a remote place, her parents are unable to continue special schooling. Your consultation asked you to make a home based plan.
a) Make a checklist of your assessment for home-based learning and rehabilitation. 5
b) Outline the contents of this plan.  5

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