8. CBLE Infant Psychiatry

Infant Psychiatry

1. A 1-year old boy presented in psychiatry OPD who is malnourished. Her mother is schizophrenic and getting treatment science 5 years. The mother always keeps her child with her and does not allow anyone to take care of her child. She does not take care of the child and seemed to be not concerned at all. The family members are increasingly worried about the child’s growth and asked whether the child need to be taken away from her.
a) Mention the areas of assessment for your plan of action. 5
b) Mention the points that you need to communicate with the family. 5

2. A 17-month old girl presents with poorly responsive to caregivers, withdrawn and fearful since five months after sudden death of her mother.
a) What is the best possible diagnosis? 4
b) Outline your assessment plan. 6

3. A 2-year old boy referred to CAMH OPD from an orphan’s home where she lives appears with marked overfamiliar with strangers and shows disinhibited social behavior. During observation, she expresses intimate behaviors with others in the room.
a) What is most likely diagnosis?     4
b) How you will assess and manage this case? 6

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