9. CBLE Child & Adolscent Psychotherapy

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

1. A 10-year old boy diagnosed as oppositional defiant disorder for the first time during OPD attendance. Your consultant asked you to provide behaviour modification therapy as part of the comprehensive treatment package.
a) How will proceed to map the therapy?  5
b) Mention the steps of applying and monitoring the therapy.    5

2. A bus with full of school students fells in a horrific road traffic accident while the students move for annual picnic. Three students die on the spot and 12 students are injured. After three months, school teachers observe significant emotional and behavioural problems among the survivors and seek help from the health authority. After assessment by a CAMHS team it is decided that they boys need psychological support and you are assigned for the task.
a) What types of psychological support you will provide? 4
b) Outline your task plan.  6

3. A 17-year old girl with borderline personality disorder comes with his parents in psychiatry OPD who recently has discharged from an emergency unit after severe overdosing. Your consultant asked you to provide dialectic behaviour therapy as part of treatment plan.
a) What information will you gather before applying the therapy? 4
b) Outline the stepwise session plans of the therapy. 6

4. An 11-year old boy has persistent fear and avoidance of different social situations due to fear that he is observed and negatively evaluated by others. He even fears to interact in class and refuses to go school. This case is allocated to you for psychosocial management.
a) How will you formulate this case for this management? 5
b) Write in brief about your management plan. 5

5. A 14-year old girl has incapacitating abdominal pain with no obvious organic cause for the last 6 months. Her 12-year old brother has no reported problems and is doing well academically. Her 10 year old youngest brother reuses to do what his mother asks and frequently swears her. Your consultant decided to provide family therapy as part of the treatment plan and asked to do so.
a) Outline the therapeutic plan through family visit. 4
b) How will you conduct the first therapeutic session?  6

6. A 6-year old starts hurting his 6-month old brother since five months. The problem is gradually increasing and in one occasion, he tries to kill the baby by putting pillow on his mouth. Puzzled parents failed to manage the boy in anyway.
a) Outline the assessment plan of this case. 6
b) How will you manage this case?    4

7. A 14-year old boy diagnosed as major depressive disorder. She has gross problem with inter personal relationship. After initial treatment with adequate dose of sertraline, interpersonal psychotherapy has been planned for her.
a) State the assessment area with the aim of providing this therapy. 5
b) Outline the ways of setting goal to provide this therapy. 5

8. A 16-year old girl presents with low mood, marked retardation, lack of self-acre. Anxious mother says her daughter does nothing behaves badly if she try to give comfort her. On questioning, she says that now one loves her in this world.
a) Outline the required information mentioning strategy of your assessment. 5
b) How will you restructure her pessimistic thought? 5

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