9. CBLE Forensic Psychaitry

Forensic Psychiatry

1. A 30-year old man referred to you from prison for psychiatric assessment for his repetitive violent behaviour. He has several convictions and has been imprisoned several times and breaks up with his family.
a) What is the best possible diagnosis? 4
b) How will you assess this case? 6

2. A 84-year old man donates his valued land to his distant relative by registration. His sons challenge this registered documents on the ground of his insane mind. This old man has been sent by the court to assess his capacity of giving his property by registration.
a) What are the area you need to assess for his testamentary capacity? 4
b) Outline a court report for this case.    6

3. A 26-year old woman brought to you who is violent, refuses to take food, and lacks sleep and self-care. Parents report that she is totally upset after sudden breakup of her long relationship one week back. Three days back, she blames her mother for her misfortune and repeatedly utters to her father to divorce her mother at once. Father surprises of her talks and tries to make her comfort. She becomes furious and has started breaking household things. Subsequently, they find too difficult to control her. She has a younger brother with schizophrenia.
a)How would you proceed to assess this case? 4
b) Outline the management plan with explaining the reason of compulsory admission for this case. 6

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