Studies Suggest Cariprazine May Be More Effective For Treating Patients With Schizophrenia, PNS

Medscape (7/9, Davenport, Subscription Publication) reports the “antipsychotic cariprazine (Reagila) is not only more effective than risperidone in treating patients with schizophrenia and persistent negative symptoms (PNS), it is also safe and effective for those who switch from prior, ineffective antipsychotic treatment, two new studies suggest.” The first study was “a post-hoc analysis of the efficacy of cariprazine vs risperidone in treating acute and primary negative symptoms in schizophrenia.” The second study “was a 26-week risperidone-controlled trial in patients with PNS of at least 6 months’ duration and who were stable in terms of their psychotic symptoms.

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